Sentence Examples with the word Sixtus

Hostilities between Ferrara and Venice, fomented by Pope Sixtus IV., soon caused his recall to Bologna.

See also Lorentz, Sixtus V.

Deacon of the pope (St) Sixtus (Xystus) II., he was called upon by the judge to bring forth the treasures of the church which had been committed to his keeping.

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The business of condemning pernicious books and of correcting the Index to date has been since the time of Pope Sixtus V.

In 1563, and reorganized by Sixtus V.; its mission is to promote the observation of these disciplinary decrees, to give authoritative interpretations of them, and to reconcile disputes arising out of them.

Jacobus is also said by Sixtus of Siena (Biblioth.

Marino Giorgi reckoned the ordinary income of the pope for the year 1517 at about 580,000 ducats, of which 420,000 came from the States of the Church, ioo,000 from annates, and 60,000 from the composition tax instituted by Sixtus IV.

Against the prevailing lawlessness Sixtus proceeded with an almost ferocious severity, which only extreme necessity could justify.

He consequently withdrew all judicial affairs from the Congregations, and handed them over to the two tribunals, now revived, of the Rota and the papal Signatura; all affairs concerning the discipline of the sacraments were entrusted to a new Congregation of that name; the competency of the remaining Congregations was modified, according to the nature of the affairs with which they deal, and certain of them were amalgamated with others; general rules were laid down for the expedition of business and regarding personnel; in short, the work of Sixtus V.

The papal chair was now filled by Innocent VIII., whose rule was even more infamous than that of his predecessor Sixtus IV.