Sentence Examples with the word Sitzungsberichte

Meyer, Sitzungsberichte der Berliner Akademie, 1908, pp. 14 ff.; Zeitschrift fiir vergleichende Sprachforschung, 42, 1908, pp. 24 ff.).

Wiedemann, in Erlangen Sitzungsberichte (1904, p. 33 o), translates the phrase given above as splinter of wood, by the term wooden cross.

Friedrich in the Munich Academy Sitzungsberichte (1896), from a lothcentury Escorial codex (Plut.

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For other and older Coptic-Gnostic texts, in one of which is contained the source of Irenaeus's treatises on the Barbelognostics, but which have unfortunately not yet been made completely accessible, see C. Schmidt in Sitzungsberichte der Berl.

Bibliography.-The following abbreviations are here used:- M.Z., Meteorologische Zeitschrift; P.Z., Physikalische Zeitschrift; S., Sitzungsberichte k.