Sentence Examples with the word Sion

The Dames de Sion have a large establishment for the teaching of small children of both sexes, and there is a secondary school for girls.

The executive does not depend upon the General legislature, but holds its powers by a direct commis- charaeterof sion from the people.

The family had strong Catholic leanings, and two of Nicholas's sisters, who must have been much older than he was, became nuns of Sion convent before its dissolution.

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He fought in many campaigns against the dauphins of Viennois, the counts of Genevois, the people of Sion and Geneva, the marquesses of Saluzzo and Montferrat, and the barons of Faucigny.

Had been to Ames- a large extent a personal ruler, but William II., sion of though for a time following in his father's steps, had William been moved by the revolutionary outbreaks of 1848 III' to concede a revision of the constitution.

Of his work at Heliopolis there remain the obelisks of London and New York; and from Elephantine is the obelisk at Sion House.

Besson, Recherches sur les origines des eveches de Geneve, Lausanne, Sion (Fribourg, 1906); A.

They rode incessantly to battle over burning sands, in full armour 1 For instance, the abbey of Mount Sion had large possessions, not only in the Holy Land (at Ascalon, Jaffa, Acre, Tyre, Caesarea and Tarsus), but also in Sicily, Calabria, Lombardy, Spain and France (at Orleans, Bourges and Poitiers).

Besson, Recherches sur les origines des eveches de Geneve, Lausanne et Sion (Fribourg, 1906); J.

Pellisson.s methods of conversion, considered too slow, were accelerated by the violent persecution of Louvois and by the kings galleys, sion of until the day came when Louis XIV., deceived by the the edict clergy, crowned his record of complaisant legal methods by revoking the edict of Nantes.