Sentence Examples with the word Sinuses

The arteries and veins have proper endothelial walls; they pass abruptly into the sinuses and in some cases communication is effected by orifices in the walls of the vessels, as for example in the vena cava of Nautilus.

Cavity, is now dealt with successfully by surgical means, and infected sinuses or even encephalic abscesses are reached and cleansed.

The coelom then is a spacious chamber surrounding the alimentary canal, and is continued dorsally and ventrally into the sinuses of the mantle (fig.

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In any case it is clear that we have in these muscles an apparatus'for causing the blood to flow differentially in increased volume into either the pericardium, through the veins leading from the respiratory organs, or from the body generally into the great sinuses which bring the blood to the respiratory organs.

The external duct of this gland is often dilated into a bladder, and may sometimes send out diverticula, forming a complex system of sinuses ramifying through the body.

Heart and blood-vessels are entirely absent; the blood is contained in sinuses which have no distinct walls or endothelial lining, and the principal of which are the perianal, the pedal, the visceral and the pallial.

These sinuses are completely shut off from all other cavities, they do not open into the main coelomic space nor into the small arm-sinus, nor does the right sinus communicate with the left.