Sentence Examples with the word Sink

Aluminium is so light that it is a matter requiring some ingenuity to select a convenient solvent through which it shall sink quickly, for if it does not sink, it short-circuits the electrolyte.

The small kitchen showed signs of its past life, before the addition of a modern sink and electric stove.

The north-eastern portion is slightly elevated, and dotted with low hills, which gradually sink into a vast plain, subject to inundation on its western extremity.

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By very heedful management, when the ship drew nigh, the whale was transferred to her side, and was strongly secured there by the stiffest fluke-chains, for it was plain that unless artificially upheld, the body would at once sink to the bottom.

All his other claims to renown, however, sink into insignificance when compared with his work as the reviver of Jewish hopes for a restoration to political autonomy.

Losing them it might sink into a lifeless theory.

Vinnie claimed to be able to show the police where Billie and Willie had been hiding and continued to brag that he had enough information to make headlines and sink half the Philadelphia mobsters.

Nor had he made any sense of his deliberations but finally his mind quit the task and allowed his exhausted body to sink into a deep sleep.

Even if she had decided to work somewhere else after graduating, getting her parents to let her sink or swim would have been impossible.

That point is this: The Sperm Whale is in some cases sufficiently powerful, knowing, and judiciously malicious, as with direct aforethought to stave in, utterly destroy, and sink a large ship; and what is more, the Sperm Whale HAS done it.