Sentence Examples with the word Singh

G P Sikh kingdom of Ranjit Singh effectually dispelled any such alarms for the future.

The establishment of Singh Sabhas, of Sikh newspapers, and the spread of education have largely tended in the same direction, but the strict ethical code of Sikhism and the number of its obligatory divine services have caused many to fall away from the faith: nor does the austere Sikh ritual appeal to women, who generally prefer Hinduism with its picturesque material worship and the brightness of its innumerable festivals.

During the spiritual reign of Guru Govind Singh the religious was partially eclipsed by the military spirit.

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DHULEEP SINGH (1837-1893), maharaja of Lahore, was born in February 1837, and was proclaimed maharaja on the 18th of September 1843, under the regency of his mother the rani Jindan, a woman of great capacity and strong will, but extremely inimical to the British.

The temple was considerably enriched by the spoils taken by Ranjit Singh in his conquests.

His son, Sardar Singh (1851-1872), was rewarded for help given during the Mutiny by an increase of territory.

He must from that date wear the five K's and add the word singh to his original name.

In 1857 the raja Binni Singh sent a force of Mussulmans and Rajputs to relieve the British garrison in Agra; the Mussulmans, however, deserted, and the rest were defeated by the mutineers.

In 1857 Raja Ratan Singh received a hereditary salute of 11 guns, a khilat and a perpetual jagir of 1300 a year in recognition of his services during the Mutiny.

The difference proceeded almost to the point of war; but at the last moment Ranjit Singh gave way, and for the future faithfully observed his engagements with the British, whose rising power he was wise enough to gauge.