Sentence Examples with the word Simpson

Finally, Simpson has measured the correlation between the pairs of young produced by the simple asexual division, of Paramoecium (Biometrika, vol.

I did ride in wheel barrow and teacher did push it. simpson did give me popcorn and walnuts. cousin rosa has gone to see her mother. people do go to church sunday.

GRANT, ULYSSES SIMPSON (1822-1885), American soldier, and eighteenth president of the United States, was born at Point Pleasant, Ohio, on the 27th of April 1822.

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Numerous Observations Were Also Made By Simpson (10) Thrice A Day At Karasjok, And Von Schweidler Has Made A Good Many Observations About 3 P.M.

Vernon; Western College (United Brethren, 1856) at Toledo; Upper Iowa University (Methodist Episcopal, 1857) at Fayette; Leander Clark College (United Brethren, 1857) at Toledo; Lenox College (Presbyterian, 1859) at Hopkinton; Luther College (Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran, 1861) at Decorah; Des Moines College (Baptist, 1865) at Des Moines; Tabor College (Congregational, 1866) at Tabor; Simpson College (Methodist, 1867) at Indianola; Wartburg Kollege (Lutheran, 1868) at Clinton; Amity College (Non-sectarian, 1872) at College Springs; German College (Methodist Episcopal, 1873) at Mt.

I will go to Boston in June and I will buy father gloves, and James nice collar, and Simpson cuffs.

At all seasons of the year Simpson found A rise notabl y with increase of relative humidity.

Last Monday Simpson shot a pretty crane.

My brother Simpson gave it to me last Sunday.

Crooks, whose Life of Bishop Matthew Simpson (New York, 1890) should be consulted.