Sentence Examples with the word Simple

The sap is drawn off from the upper growing portion of the stem, and altogether an average tree will run in a season 350 lb of toddy, from which about 35 lb of raw sugar - jaggery - is made by simple and rude processes.

Goethe has here taken a simple story of village life, mirrored in it the most pregnant ideas of his time, and presented it with a skill which may well be called Homeric; but he has discriminated with the insight of genius between the Homeric method of reproducing the heroic life of primitive Greece and the same method as adapted to the commonplace happenings of 18th-century Germany.

Such twins may therefore be mistaken for simple crystals unless they are attentively studied; but the twinning is often made evident by the presence of irregularly bounded areas of the duller z faces coinciding with the brighter r faces.

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The application will necessarily be confined to simple cases such as are commonly met with in practice, or are required for reference in cognate subjects.

Trans., 1893A, p. 987) for carrying out ballistic tests by which either the simple B-H curve (fig.

Moreover, the services of the Church have always been conducted in grammatical though simple Dutch; and the clergy, in their intercourse with the people, have as a general rule abstained from conversing in the ordinary dialect.

The instruments which he devised for these investigations were simple and convenient, but could not have been thought of for the purpose except by a man whose knowledge was co-extensive with his ingenuity.

The magnification, resulting from the simple microscope of i in.

The slowness, of this rise of the temperature compels us to make the removal of the carbon slow for a very simple reason.

The rather small tubular yellow or red flowers are borne on simple or branched leafless stems, and are generally densely clustered.