Sentence Examples with the word Simao

Ignatius could spare but two, and chose Bobadilla and a Portuguese named Simao Rodrigues for the purpose.

One of the last dramatists of the 16th century belonging to the old school was Simao Machado, who wrote the Comedy of Diu and the Enchantments of Alfea, two long plays almost entirely in Spanish, and full of digressions only made tolerable by the beauty of their lyrics.

Of the capital; Capella (11,034); Simao Dias (10, 9 84); Lagarto (10,473); Sao Christovao, formerly Sergipe d'el-Rey (8793), the old capital, near the mouth of the Irapiranga, and Maroim (7851).

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There is only one railway in the state, which runs from Aracaju northward to Capella, with a branch running westward to Simao Dias.