Sentence Examples with the word Silesian

The North German plain has, in the east, a canal by which Russian grain is conveyed to Konigsberg, joining the Pregel to the Memel, and the upper Silesian coalfield is in communication with the Oder by means of the Klodnitz canal.

If they are supported at intervals along a flat side, they are called muffles, and the furnace is known as a Silesian furnace.

Hence a prolonged halt arose, utilized by the troops in renewing their equipment and so forth, but ultimately the Young German party, led by Blucher and the principal fighting men of the army, triumphed, and on the 1st of January 1814 the Silesian army (50,000) began its passage of the Rhine at Kaub.

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Bestuzhev prevent the signing of a Russo-Prussian defensive alliance (March 1 743); but he deprived it of all political significance by excluding from it the proposed guarantee of Frederick's Silesian conquests.

Though most of the Silesian dynasts seemed ready to acquiesce, the burghers of Breslau fiercely repudiated the new suzerain, and before he could enforce his claims to homage he was ousted by the Hungarian king, Matthias Corvinus, who was readily recognized as overlord (1469) .

During the Thirty Years' War it was sacked by the Imperialists, the Saxons and the Swedes in turn; and in the first Silesian war the same fate befell it at the hands of the French and Bavarians.

By liberal endowments and minute but judicious regulations he brought about a rapid development of Silesian industries; in particular he revived the mining and weaving operations which at present constitute the country's chief source of wealth.

When both Stein's initial attacks were under way, the 12th Silesian Div., under the command of Gen.

A still larger field exists in the upper Silesian basin, on the borderland between Austria and Poland, containing about 50.000 million tons.

The Silesian furnace has an oblong hearth sloping from the firebridge to the flue-bridge.