Sentence Examples with the word Silenus

The story of Silenus was often the subject of Athenian satyric drama.

Having taken the drunken Silenus back to his youthful charge Dionysus, he was rewarded by the god with the power of transforming everything he touched into gold.

A more dignified type is the Vatican statue of Silenus carrying the infant Dionysus, and the marble group from the villa Borghese in the Louvre.

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WANDERU (WANDEROO), the native name for the species of langur monkeys (Semnopithecus) inhabiting the island of Ceylon; but in India commonly misapplied to the lion-tailed macaque, Macacus silenus (see Primates).

The usual attributes of Silenus were the wine-skin (from which he is inseparable), a crown of ivy, the Bacchic thyrsus, the ass, and sometimes the panther.