Sentence Examples with the word Signifies

Calor), to be distinguished from thermometry, which signifies the measurement of temperature.

The word Nonohualco signifies in the Mexican language a place where a language changes, where another idiom begins.

The word, which signifies darkness, is in Homer the gloomy subterranean region through which the departed shades pass into Hades.

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The word caracul has been adopted from the Turkish and signifies black-eared.

Its form being that of the couplet with parallelism of clauses; in the Old Testament it signifies a folk-saying (Ezek.

Brae signifies the steep bank of a river, and so any slope or hill-side.

Its name, which signifies in Arabic the island, is derived from a small islet on one side of the harbour.

The pro-deltidium, a term introduced by Hall and Clarke, signifies a small embryonic plate originating on the dorsal side of the body.

Even distinctive forms for gender are entirely abandoned, the pronounavo signifies he, she, it.

Peligot's results, though called in question by Berzelius, have been amply confirmed by all subsequent investigators; only now, on theoretical grounds, first set forth by Mendeleeff, we double Peligot's atomic weight, so that U now signifies 240 parts of uranium, while UO 3 stands as the formula of the yellow oxide, and UO 2 as that of Berzelius's metal.