Sentence Examples with the word Siberia

Size.) characterized by a rather larger number of oval pollen-sacs on the stamens, have been found in England, Germany, Siberia and elsewhere in association with Ginkgo and Baiera foliage.

Yet the forests of larch in Siberia often suffer from conflagration.

Kennan, Tent Life in Siberia (1870); Paplov, Siberian Rivers (1878); A.

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Kuchum fled to the steppes, abandoning his domains to Yermak, who, according to tradition, purchased by the present of Siberia to Ivan IV.

The flora of Minusinsk - the Italy of Siberia - is well known; the prairies on the Ishim and of the Baraba steppe are adorned with the same rich 'vegetation, so graphically described by Middendorff and O.

Nearly three-fourths of the well-known species of Europe extend through Siberia into the islands of the Japanese empire.

Asia, the same fauna extending in Siberia as far as the Yenisei and the Lena.

In West Siberia there exist compact masses of Russians who have lost little of their primitive ethnographical features: but the case is otherwise on the outskirts.

This food-stuff reaches Great Britain not only from all butter-exporting countries of the continent of Europe, but in increasing quantities also from Australia, Canada, Argentine, Siberia and the United States of America.

Across the ice, to seek help. He reached the shores of Siberia in 17 days, and travelling along the coast via Cape North, reached Emma Harbour, whence he crossed in a whaler to St.