Sentence Examples with the word Showered

She showered and dressed in a light cotton sundress.

Dean had showered and changed and was sitting under a tree licking a frozen yogurt desert and chatting with a group of riders from Texas when the old man strolled up.

She showered and left her room, mourning the loss of her last good friend.

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Then Carmen showered and left for the dress fitting, leaving Alex with Jonathan and Destiny until Maria arrived.

After Kaysarov, others whom Pierre knew came up to him, and he had not time to reply to all the questions about Moscow that were showered upon him, or to listen to all that was told him.

Dean showered Ethel Rosewater from his body, shaved and dressed in a daze.

The horses showered the fine dry snow on the faces of those in the sleigh--beside them sounded quick ringing bells and they caught confused glimpses of swiftly moving legs and the shadows of the troyka they were passing.

While Decazes was still in power, the king's policy to a large extent followed his, and was rather liberal and moderate, but after the assassination of the due de Berry (1820), when he saw that Decazes could no longer carry on the government, he sorrowfully acquiesced in his departure, showered honours upon him, and transferred his support to Richelieu, the head of the new ministry.

She showered and dressed in dusty blue slacks and a lacy tunic.

There we sat together under that part of the roof which leaked the least, while it showered and thundered without.