Sentence Examples with the word Shoved

Rhyn nearly decked him when the blond brother shoved him back.

She shoved the phone and her hands in her pockets to keep them warm as she picked her way through the littered alley.

She shoved at Rhyn when he grabbed her again and hauled her up.

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Talon shoved her back into the valley with a snarled threat under his breath, and she hurried out of the trough again, breathing hard by the time she'd clambered twenty feet to the top.

Before Pierre could comply with Dustin's order, Darian shoved him aside and swept her off her feet.

Kris caught him and shoved him back into the wall with his forearm across Rhyn.s throat.

She shoved a camera at Dean, an expensive looking Nikon, freeing her other hand to more securely grasp the rail.

Arnie snatched the laser weapon at his hip and shoved it against her temple.

He shoved her into the car, and she crawled as far from him as she could.

He snatched the soul and shoved off from the bottom of the lake, kicking upwards.