Sentence Examples with the word Shots

Suddenly one shot after another rang out from the French, smoke appeared all along their uneven ranks, and musket shots sounded.

A few shots were fired - it is not known who fired first - on the 15th, the Swiss regiments 'stormed the barricades and street fighting lasted all day.

On the 15th of November he was assassinated, and as no one was punished for this crime the insolence of the disorderly elements increased, and shots were exchanged with the Swiss Guard.

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The first shots had not yet ceased to reverberate before others rang out and yet more were heard mingling with and overtaking one another.

Our advanced line, already in action, could be heard briskly exchanging shots with the enemy in the dale.

Bagration rode up to the ranks along which shots crackled now here and now there, drowning the sound of voices and the shouts of command.

War seemed imminent; Prussian troops also entered the country, and shots were actually exchanged between the outposts.

To guard against explosions from this cause it is necessary to use explosives in moderate quantities and to see that the blast-holes are properly placed, so that the danger of blown-out shots may be lessened.

This horse that had carried the sovereign at reviews in Russia bore him also here on the field of Austerlitz, enduring the heedless blows of his left foot and pricking its ears at the sound of shots just as it had done on the Empress' Field, not understanding the significance of the firing, nor of the nearness of the Emperor Francis' black cob, nor of all that was being said, thought, and felt that day by its rider.

In 1813 he exchanged shots with Thomas Hart Benton and his brother Jesse in a Nashville tavern, and received a second wound.