Sentence Examples with the word Short

She'd cleaned up since he last saw her, and her short hair was still damp.

In Yorkshire hollow square pillars, formed by piling up short blocks of wood or chocks, are often used instead of props formed of a single stem.

Robertson, Short History of Freethought (London, 1906); G.

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He travelled much in North Africa, Mexico and South America, and wrote a number of short stories and vivid studies of life in those regions.

Nalivkin, Short History of Khokand (French trans., Paris, 1889); Niazi Mohammed, Tarihi Shahrohi, or History of the Rulers of Ferghana, edited by Pantusov (Kazan, 1885); Maksheev, Historical Sketch of Turkestan and the Advance of the Russians (St Petersburg,1890); N.

Its wings are short and weak; the fore pair are falcate, and the hind pair do not reach to the end of the body.

Into each end wall is built a short iron tube sloping downwards towards the centre, and through this is passed a bundle of five 3-in.

Indeed its owl-like visage, its short wings and soft plumage, do not indicate a bird of very active habits, but the weapons of offence with which it is armed show that it must be able to cope with vigorous prey.

After a long period of dry weather the natural flow has been known to fall considerably below 200,000,000 gallons, whilst, on the other hand, in the rainy winter season, the flow in 1894 rose for a short time to as high a figure as 20,000,000,000 gallons, and the ordinary flow in winter months may be put down as 3,000,000,000 gallons.

Marguerite exhibited during the rest of her life, which was not a short one, the strange Valois mixture of licentiousness, pious exercises, and the cultivation of art and letters, and died in Paris on the 27th of March 1615.