Sentence Examples with the word Shops

The shops consist of small cubes, open in the front, in which the trader squats cross-legged amidst his wares.

Pine Bluff has shops of the St Louis South-Western railway.

The gates and shops were all closed, only here and there round the taverns solitary shouts or drunken songs could be heard.

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Both these species are extensively cultivated for their fruit in Southern Europe, the Canaries and northern Africa; and the fruits are not unfrequently to be seen in Covent Garden Market and in the shops of the leading fruiterers of the metropolis.

These streets are wide and bordered with trees, and are flanked by shops with open fronts and verandas.

This fortress has been abandoned, and the town, which is the centre of a group of villages, is now fairly prosperous, with a bazaar of about Boo shops and a busy traffic with Seistan.

She gave a furtive look at the deserted shops on the opposite side of the road.

In these shops the few Moorish industries are carried on, such as embroidery in gold and silver thread, the making of kid slippers of every kind and colour, the manufacture of gold and silver ornaments.

There are engineering shops producing railway stock and motors, jute spinning and weaving mills, and match and joinery works.

Over the sill at high water of spring tides; the construction of new jetties at the entrance to the tidal basin and at the north wall; the establishment of a coal wharf with hydraulic appliances; a torpedo range in the harbour; the erection of various buildings such as torpedo and gun-mounting stores, electrical shops and numerous subsidiary works; and extensive dredging of the harbour to increase the berthing accommodation for the fleet.