Sentence Examples with the word Shoes

It should be eaten with loins girded, shoes on feet, and staff in hand because in haste.

Among the wooden objects recovered from the relic beds were tubs, plates, ladles and spoons, a flail for threshing corn, a last for stretching shoes of hide, celt handles, clubs, long-bows of yew, floats and implements of fishing and a dug-out canoe 12 ft.

Powdered footmen, in livery with buckled shoes and smart stockings, stood at every door anxiously noting visitors' every movement in order to offer their services.

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She smiled mischievously as she kicked off her shoes and dug her toes into the soft cool dust.

I invited him to pitch shoes with me but he wouldn't have any of it.

Everything about him was perfect, from the glass polish of his black shoes to the knife-like crease in his thousand-dollar suit.

Besides Kuhschwanz, a peculiar kind of beer, it manufactures tobacco, cigars, shoes and hosiery; and coal-mining is carried on in the neighbourhood, It was the birthplace of the naturalist Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg (1795-1876), and the political economist Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch (1808-1883), to the latter of whom a statue has been erected.

He was dressed in worn clothing and shoes and flattened his palms against the window, as if he'd never been on a train before.

When it came to Natasha's turn to choose a partner, she rose and, tripping rapidly across in her little shoes trimmed with bows, ran timidly to the corner where Denisov sat.

It is the chief town of the Spreewald, and has saw-mills and manufactories of hosiery, shoes and paper, and is famous for its gurken, or small pickling cucumbers.