Sentence Examples with the word Shipton

But his cry came an instant too late as Shipton plummeted past him, his ice ax swinging in a rip across Dean's calf as he plummeted backward into space, and down to the rocks and churning river below.

It didn't appear Shipton had a relationship of any kind with Janet nor did she seem to have any logical reason to try and kill him.

Edith Shipton moved down the hall, causing Dean to think her destination was his and Cynthia's quarters but she stopped in front the small room occupied by Donald Ryland.

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And, I guess this guy Shipton is abusive, and doesn't take rejection very well.

I bought her one of those phone cards so she can call without Shipton knowing about it.

I'm not sure Edith Shipton ever has enjoyed that much.

I think that awful man Mr. Shipton told her the truth about Annie.

It's temporary custody at first until some court stuff takes place and we're married but the lawyer says Shipton definitely signed.

So the whole business about Shipton lugging a dead body back to civilization was a total fabrication.

A moment's hesitation, a quick hand on the door knob, and Edith Shipton disappeared into the bedroom of her long ago lover.