Sentence Examples with the word Shifted

Jacques Cassini also proved that Arcturus had even since the time of Tycho Brahe shifted five minutes in latitude; for r l Bootis, which would have shared in the change, if it had been due to a motion of the ecliptic, had not moved appreciably.

His gaze shifted to Destiny and he placed the cup on the granite bar.

Color crawled up his neck and his gaze shifted to the coffee mug.

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She gnawed on her lower lip and shifted in her chair.

She shifted uncomfortably at the internal turmoil.

Unable to enter his mind without tipping him off, Xander shifted forward.

All along its course the Volga is eroding and destroying its banks with great rapidity; towns and loading ports have constantly to be shifted farther back.

This contact is shifted until such a point is found by trial that the two condensers charged at the different sections and then joined as above described and tested on a galvanometer show no charge.

We were in the midst of more thorough examination of the ancient world of Patagonia, of the Pampean region and of its submerged sister continent Antarctica, when the scene shifted to North Africa through the discoveries of Hugh J.

His green eyes shifted from her to Traci.