Sentence Examples with the word Sherry

There are two main types of sherry known in the United Kingdom, namely, those of the amontillado and those of the manzanilla classes.

The British Pharmacopoeia contains (i) an extract of the fresh corm, having doses of 4 to i grain, and (2) the Vinum Colchici, made by treating the dried corm with sherry and given in doses of 10 to 30 minims. This latter is the preparation still most generally used, though the presence of veratrine both in the corm and the seeds renders the use of colchicine itself theoretically preferable.

It seems possible that sherry was the first wine known as sack in this country, but it is at least doubtful whether this word is, as some contend, derived from seck or sec, i.e.

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It is somewhat similar in character to the wines of Madeira, but its character also recalls some of the sherry types.

The sherry produced near Jerez de la Frontera, the copper of the Rio Tinto mines and the lead of Almeria are famous.

Madeira, like sherry and port, is a fortified wine.

Newly pressed rape oil has a dark sherry colour with, at first, scarcely any perceptible smell; but after resting a short time the oil deposits an abundant mucilaginous slime, and by taking up oxygen it acquires a peculiar disagreeable odour and an acrid taste.

Thus, according to Thudicum, the regular heavy sherry from albariza soil remains immature for a number of years and then becomes a fino.

The beneficial effects of red wine can be extended to sherry wines.

The system of blending sherry in some respects recalls that of the blending of Scotch whiskies.