Sentence Examples with the word Shechem

Above the sea, and commands a superb view towards the Mediterranean, the mountains of Shechem and Mount Hermon.

Baal-berith or El-berith of Shechem (Judg.

Wall, and the road from Shechem to the maritime plain which runs a little to the W.

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On the other hand, the sanctuaries obviously had always their local ministers, all of whom in time could be called Levitical, and it is only in this sense, not in that of the late priestly legislation, that a place like Shechem could ever have been included.

The mother of Abimelech the son of Gideon was a Shechemite, and Shechem was the centre of his short-lived kingdom (Jud.

Beneath the plateau, runs across the plain towards the mountains; it is at this point that the traveller coming from Shechem now ascends the hill to the village of Sebusteh, which occupies only the extreme E.

It was thence that Jacob, the father of the tribes of Israel, came and the route to Shechem and Bethel is precisely the same in both.

Joseph incurs the ill-will of his brethren because of Israel's partiality or because of his significant dreams. He is at Shechem or at Dothan; and when the brothers seek to slay him, Judah proposes that he should be sold to Ishmaelites, or Reuben suggests that he should be cast into a pit, where Midianites find and kidnap him (xxxvii., cf.

Xii.), which virtually excludes the other (xxiv.), where Joshua assembles the tribes at Shechem (Shiloh, in the Septuagint) and passes under review the history of Israel from the days of heathenism (before Abraham was brought into Canaan) down through the oppression in Egypt, the exodus, the conquest in East Jordan and the occupation of Canaan.

There is a manifest difference between the religious importance of Shechem in the traditions of Joshua (xxiv.) and Jacob's reforms when he leaves behind him the heathen symbols before journeying to the holy site of Bethel (Gen.