Sentence Examples with the word Shares

Revenues for state purposes are derived from special taxes collected from the liquor traffic, corporations, transfers of decedents' estates, transfers of shares of stock, recording tax on mortgages, sales of products of state institutions, fees of public officers including fines and penalties, interest on deposits of state funds, refunds from department examinations and revenue from investments of trust funds, the most important of which are the common school fund and the United States deposit fund.

Financial embarrassments a short time afterward caused Byllynge to assign his shares in trust for his creditors to three Quakers, William Penn, Gawen Lawrie and Nicholas Lucas.

It shares the roving habits of the latter, frequenting ships and by these means reaching various parts of the world.

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No one interferes with Miss Sullivan's plans, or shares in her tasks.

The fishermen of north-east Scotland, when they return after a successful haul, divide the spoil into as many shares as there are men in the boat, with one share more for the boat.

Her actions toward Julie, her mother and to Betsy with whom she shares a special relationship are markedly different.

Consists of the most elaborate of the satires, by many critics regarded as the poet's masterpiece, the famous sixth satire, directed against the whole female sex, which shares with Domitian and his creatures the most cherished place in the poet's antipathies.

There is a governor's council of five members, one from each councillor district, which has advisory duties and shares with the governor most of his powers.

She became the beneficial owner of all the shares in the Talyllyn Railroad Company.

The older part of the urban district is included in the parliamentary borough of Merthyr Tydfil, and also shares with Merthyr and Aberdare the services of a stipendiary magistrate.