Sentence Examples with the word Shadow

O, ye who live in the midst of luxury, who seek beautiful marbles for new villas, that shall surpass the old in splendor, you never dream that the shadow of death is hanging over your halls.

While he was getting down from the carriage steps two men, who looked like tradespeople, ran hurriedly from the entrance and hid in the shadow of the wall.

He crossed through the shadow world to the lake near Rhyn's, emerging near Harmony.

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His nepotism, again, casts a dark shadow over his memory: but most regrettable of all was his indifference towards the ending of the schism.

She shook her head to clear her anger and sat with her back to the counter, forcing herself to concentrate on the shadow world and tapping into Rhyn.s power despite the sounds of demons fighting so near the kitchen.

While the theory of the sphere was being elaborated the efforts of practical geographers were steadily directed towards ascertaining the outline and configuration of the oekumene, or habitable F i tting the world, the only portion of the terrestrial surface known oekumene to the ancients and to the medieval peoples, and still to the retaining a shadow of its old monopoly of geographical sphere.

But now even that shadow of union disappeared, and the Italians were abandoned to the slowly working influences which tended to divide them into separate states.

He emerged from the shadow world in a luxurious penthouse suite in Paris overlooking the Arc de Triomphe.

He went to the only portal that glowed black --the portal to Hell --and stepped from the shadow world into the tiny, dark cell holding his friend.

She turned and gasped, heart leaping to see the death dealer lingering like the shadow he was in the middle of her living room.