Sentence Examples with the word Seychelles

See Unpublished Documents on the History of the Seychelles Islands Anterior to 18zo, with a cartography and a bibliography compiled by A.

With other outlying islands Aldabra is held under lease from the Seychelles government, the lessees having exclusive trading privileges.

The Aldabra Group of the Seychelles Islands (Seychelles, 1907); Dr Abbott in Proceedings, United States National Museum (Washington, 1894); A.

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In Mauritius and the Seychelles the Church Missionary Society and the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel are at work, especially among the coolies on the sugar plantations.

The forty species of Nepenthes are mostly natives of the hotter parts of the Indian Archipelago, but a few range into Ceylon, Bengal, Cochin China, and some even occur in tropical Australia on the one hand, and in the Seychelles and Madagascar on the other.

The Seychelles are marked on Portuguese charts dated 1502.

I planned on going to Seychelles to escape the east coast cold, but Gio said being invited here was an honor.

In 1806 the island capitulated to the captain of another British ship, but again no garrison was left, and it was not until after the capture of Mauritius in 1810 that the Seychelles were occupied by the British, to whom they were ceded by the treaty of Paris in 1814.

The Seychelles lie outside the track of the hurricanes which occasionally devastate Reunion and Mauritius and are also immune from earthquakes.

Though then uninhabited there is a strong tradition, probably well founded, that the Seychelles had been from Arab times a rendezvous of the pirates and corsairs who infested the high seas between South Africa and India.