Sentence Examples with the word Sew

I pulled two beads off and indicated to her that I wanted her to sew them on my doll.

She forced herself to sew the arrow wound the best she could then ran from the room, vomiting in the bathroom.

In the slighter forms no inconvenience may result; but in higher degrees prolonged work is apt to give rise to aching and watering of the eyes, headache, inability to read or sew for any length of time, and even to double vision and internal strabismus.

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Rapidly and timidly raising his fingers to his forehead by way of greeting, he asked Pierre whether the soldier Platoche to whom he had given a shirt to sew was in that shed.

I arranged to have their seamstress sew you one.

She has never been taught; but they say she can sew and likes to help others in this sort of work.

The fibrous tough roots, softened by soaking in water, and split, are used by the Indians and voyageurs to sew together the birch-bark covering of their canoes; and a resin that exudes from the bark is employed to varnish over the seams. It was introduced to Great Britain at the end of the 17th century and was formerly more extensively planted than at present.

Common process was to sew up the seal in a bag or piece of cloth or canvas, with the mistaken notion that this would ensure the seal's integrity; the ordinary result being that, on the assumption that seals thus protected needed no further care, they have been in most instances either broken or crushed to powder.

Then I let her decide whether she will sew or knit or crochet.