Sentence Examples with the word Seth

Hostilities were then una voidable, and the first passage at arms occurred on the 24th of April 1846; when a large force of Mexicans on the east bank of the Rio Grande ambushed and captured a small party of American dragoons under Captain Seth B.

Then while she was absent visiting her sop Horus he city of Buto, Seth once more gained possession of the se, cut it into fourteen pieces, and scattered them all over pt.

There existed, however, a very ancient ition according towhichHorus and Seth were hostile brothers, nephew and uncle; and many considerations may be urged ipport of the thesis which regards their struggles as reminis:es of wars between two prominent tribes or confederations ribes, one of which worshipped the falcon Horus while the r had the okapi (?) Seth as its patron and champion.

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In later times the moral ct of his tale was doubtless the main cause of its continued alarity; Osiris was named Onnophris, the good Being excellence, and Seth was contrasted with him as the author the root of all evil.

The ram Khnum in Elephautine, the jerboa or okapi (?) Seth in Ombos, the ibis Thoth in Hermopolis Magna, and of the gods named above, Horus in Hieraconpolis, Wepwawet in Assiut, Neith in Sais, and Mm in Coptos.

A more complete edition in two volumes was published by his son, Seth Ames, at Boston, Mass., in 1854.

The Connecticut clock maker and clock peddler was the 18th-century embodiment of Yankee ingenuity; the most famous of the next generation of clock makers were Eli Terry (1772-1852), who made a great success of his wooden clocks; Chauncey Jerome, who first used brass wheels in 1837 and founded in 1844 the works of the New Haven Clock Co.; Gideon Roberts; and Terry's pupil and successor, Seth Thomas (1786-1859), who built the factory at Thomaston carried on by his son Seth Thomas (1816-1888).

At a very early date the anthropo- so-c phizing tendency caused the animal deities to be represented coni Es human bodies, though as a rule they retained their animal the ds; so in the case of Seth as early as the lind Dynasty.

Later generations reconciled these radictions by assuming the existence of two Horuses, one, brother of Osiris, Seth and Isis, being named Haroeris, i.e.

The Isiac mysteries were a representation of the chief events in the myth of Isis and Osiris - the murder of Osiris, the lamentations of Isis and her wanderings, followed by the triumph of Horus over Seth and the resurrection of the slain god - accompanied by music and an exposition of the inner meaning of the spectacle.