Sentence Examples with the word Sergius

In January 904 he was; treated in the same fashion by his competitor, Sergius III., who had him strangled.

In the 6th century St Sergius was honoured in the West (Gregory of Tours, De gloria martyrusn, 96).

A very different character from Jacob's was that of Sergius of Ras'ain, one of the best Greek scholars and ablest translators whom Syria has produced.

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About 528 he went with a fellow-monk Sergius to Constantinople to plead the cause of his co-religionists with the empress Theodora, and livid there fifteen years.

For Passennus Paullus (or as an Assisi inscription calls him C. Passennus Sergius Paullus Properties Blaesus), see Pliny (Ep. vi.

In Berthelot's opinion, the Syriac portions represent a compilation of receipts and processes undertaken in the Syrian school of medicine at Bagdad under the Abbasids in the 9th or 10th century, and to a large extent constituted by the earlier translations made by Sergius of Resaena in the 6th century.

The chief conspirators - Prince ShchepinRostovski, Suthoff, Ryleyev, Prince Sergius Trubetskoi, Prince Obolenski and others - were arrested the same night and interrogated by the emperor in person.

Agnus Dei is also the popular name for the anthem beginning with these words, which is said to have been introduced into the missal by Pope Sergius I.

The Duma endorsed this all but unanimously, and as the result the Grand-dukes Peter and Sergius resigned their posts of inspector-general of Engineers and Ordnance respectively, and the Grand-duke Nicholas his chairmanship of the Committee of National Defence.

The tradition that he went to Rome in obedience to a summons from Pope Sergius is contradicted by his own words above, and by his total silence as to any such visit.