Sentence Examples with the word September

An invitation to the Swedish court was urged upon Descartes, and after much hesitation accepted; a vessel of the royal navy was ordered to wait upon him, and in September 1649 he left Egmond for the north.

He died of apoplexy at Paris on the 12th of September 1768.

He died on the 16th of September 1824, worn out in body, but still retaining flashes of his former clear insight and scepticism.

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Both before and after he became king of Bohemia in succession to his father in September 1253 Ottakar was involved in a dispute with Bela IV., king of Hungary, over the possession of Styria, which duchy had formerly been united with Austria.

He died, after a successful and honourable career, on the 23rd of September 1728.

But he was not destined to see its success, being fatally struck with apoplexy at St Germain-en-Laye on September 3rd.

In 1857 he was attacked by cancer, and died peaceably on the 5th of September of that year.

In 1858 he had married Eliza Roscoe, a cousin of his first wife; she died early in 1897, and Hutton's own death followed on the 9th of September of the same year.

On the 23rd of September Ras Alula attacked him there with an equal number of men.

Changarnier (April to September 1848),V.Charon(Sep (October 1850 to December 1851).