Sentence Examples with the word Senegal

Ancelle, Les Explorations au Senegal et dans les contrees voisines (Paris, 1886); M.

From Mafu to the sea, a distance of 215 m., the Senegal is navigable all the year round by vessels drawing not more than to ft.

The establishment of these firms was admittedly a political move which coincided with the extension of French influence from Senegal into the interior.

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Dakar thus came into direct communication with the countries of Upper Senegal and the middle Niger.

Meantime the French from Senegal pushed their frontier close to the British settlements, so that when the boundaries were settled by the agreement of the 10th of August 1889 with France, Great Britain was able to secure only a ten-kilometre strip on either side of the river.

About the time that the British government became wearied of its efforts to open up the interior of West Africa, General Faidherbe was appointed governor of Senegal (1854), and under his direction vigorous efforts were made to consolidate French influence.

Lake Cayor on the right side of the lower Senegal and Lake Panieful (Guier) on the left constitute reserve basins, receiving the surplus waters of the river during flood and restoring them in the dry season.

Mollien, Decouverte des sources du Senegal et de la Gamble- (Paris, ed.

The lower Senegal forms the boundary between the Sahara and the western Sudan; the line of its inundations is an ethnographic march between the nomadic Berber and the settled Negro.

Of the remaining rivers of the Atlantic basin the Orange, in the extreme south, brings the drainage from the Drakensberg on the opposite side of the continent, while the Kunene, Kwanza, Ogowe and Sanaga drain the west coast highlands of the southern limb; the Volta, Komoe, Bandama, Gambia and Senegal the highlands of the western limb.