Sentence Examples with the word Seduced

His kinsman, Aegisthus, who in the interval had seduced his wife Clytaemnestra, invited him to a banquet at.

He decided if he hadn't seduced someone by 4:15, he would enforce Plan B. Approaching the shopping district, he noticed a series 7 BMW slowing down.

It is said that on this occasion Sisyphus seduced Autolycus's daughter Anticleia, and that Odysseus was really the son of Sisyphus, not of Laertes, whom Anticleia afterwards married.

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He did a lot of bad things, and his mother was a demoness, a powerful one who seduced his father.

In December he was sent by the queen dowager to secure Stirling, and in 1560 was despatched on a mission to France, visiting Denmark on the way, where he either married or seduced Anne, daughter of Christopher Thorssen, whom he afterwards deserted, and who came to Scotland in 1563 to obtain redress.

Governed constantly by fears for his person and estate, he was seduced into a series of unworthy actions.

I'm the wicked witch-bitch who laid bread crumbs to my lair and seduced poor naive daddy.

He endeavoured to poison Tiberius's mind against him, seduced Drusus's wife and persuaded her to assist him in murdering her husband.

Although already married to the virtuous and charming Archduchess Giovanna of Austria, he seduced the fair Venetian and loaded her with jewels, money and other presents.

A betrothed girl, seduced by her prospective father-in-law, took her dowry and returned to her family, and was free to marry as she chose.