Sentence Examples with the word Sector

It was disseminated across the the sector and to schools and colleges.

I called in the DC Sector for support as well.

The sector specialists were busy at their workstations while two guards loitered outside the damaged entrance.

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Traci sat on an unmade bed belonging to one of the Tucson Sector members, and Sofia eyed her Guardian.

He held out his hand, and Dusty clasped his wrist, allowing Damian to Travel them both to Tucson Sector HQ.

The section of a solid of revolution by a plane at right angles to the axis is an annulus or a sector of an annulus (fig.

The weir is raised by admitting water from the upper pool into a wedge-shaped space left below the sector when it is lowered in the drum, which by its pressure lifts the sector out of the drum, forming a barrier, 7 ft.

We'll evac all Naturals and Guardian assets from Tucson Sector after the Quarterly and send in a clean-up crew.

The first book contains forty-four propositions, and those in which the most important results are finally obtained are: 13 (surface of right cylinder), 14, 15 (surface of right cone), 33 (surface of sphere), 34 (volume of sphere and its relation to that of circumscribing cylinder), 42, 43 (surface of segment of sphere), 44 (volume of sector of sphere).

Ikir, I think Tucson Sector is going to be completely compromised by Christmas.