Sentence Examples with the word Screened

Barras and Rewbell were notoriously corrupt themselves and screened corruption in others.

The fine bay on which it lies is screened from the Atlantic gales by the island of Kerrera (41 m.

In the United States the standard sleeping car has a central alley, and along the sides are two tiers of berths, arranged lengthwise with the car and screened off from the alley by curtains.

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The aggregate should be the best obtainable and of different sizes, the stones being freshly crushed and screened to pass through a -'s in.

Syria of which Antioch and Aleppo have been the successive capitals; and this relation has prevailed over the extreme unhealthiness of the site, which lies on marshy deltaic ground, screened by the horseshoe of Elma Dagh from all purifying influences of N.

The curtains were drawn, and a single candle was burning on the table, screened by a bound music book so that the light did not fall on the cot.

The chancel is the property of the duke of Norfolk and is screened from the rest of the building, although in 1880 this exercise of right by the owner was made the subject of an action at law and subsequent appeal.

Owing to the beauty of its site and the equability of its climate, and to its being screened by lofty hills on the north, east and west, and open to the sea-breezes of the south, it has a high reputation as a winter residence.

It has a special interest in being the chief university of the Moslem world, containing some thousands of students (mujawirin), for whom certain parts of the mosque (riwaq) are screened off, according to the country from which they come.

Their new stronghold, screened by mountains and forests, was unassailable by cavalry or artillery, but admirably suited to the light-armed Uskoks, whose excellence lay in guerilla warfare.