Sentence Examples with the word Screamed

Bianca cringed as she had earlier that day when her mother and Jonny's mother screamed blame at each other until the nursing staff kicked them out of the room.

Carmen screamed again and Tessa danced a few steps away, calling to her kid.

The wind screamed around the eves and pounded on the windows.

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I squirmed and screamed and begged and wailed my head off and told them I hated them but nothing helped.

Makar Alexeevich, frowning with exertion, held on to the pistol and screamed hoarsely, evidently with some heroic fancy in his head.

She screamed and leaped back before she realized it was Alex.

Everything about the deity screamed careful control.

These they could not see, but they could feel them pelting the buggy top, and Jim screamed almost like a human being when a stone overtook him and struck his boney body.

At the same moment Natasha, without drawing breath, screamed joyously, ecstatically, and so piercingly that it set everyone's ear tingling.

More gunfire deafened her in the small confines of the garage, and men screamed and fell.