Sentence Examples with the word Scratched

But instead, her told Cynthia the story of the message Annie scratched on her windowpane.

I took the ring you gave me and I too scratched that identical message on my bedroom window, the very same room where you and I have stolen our few hours together.

Fluor-spar has a hardness of 4, so that it is scratched by a knife, though not so readily as calcite.

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The North American Indians fear lest their venerated rattlesnake should incite its kinsfolk to avenge any injury done to it, and when the Seminole Indians begged an English traveller to rid them of one of these troublesome intruders, they scratched him-as a matter of formin order to appease the spirit of the dead snake.

One of his nails scratched her rhythmically, sending small streaks of pleasure through her.

When the glass is cold the surplus is removed either by grinding, or by applying heat to a line scratched with a diamond round the bowl.

There we are told that for purposes of divination certain signs were scratched on slips of wood from a fruit-bearing tree (including, no doubt, the beech; cp. book, German Buck, and Buchstabe, a letter of the alphabet); the slips were thrown down promiscuously on a white cloth, whence the expert picked them up at random and by them interpreted fate.

Queequeg patted their foreheads; Starbuck scratched their backs with his lance; but fearful of the consequences, for the time refrained from darting it.

He scratched his jaw reflectively and his eyes brightened with an idea.

Tikhon scratched his back with one hand and his head with the other, then suddenly his whole face expanded into a beaming, foolish grin, disclosing a gap where he had lost a tooth (that was why he was called Shcherbaty--the gap-toothed).