Sentence Examples with the word Scrapes

He was not remarkable at school for application to his studies, though his wonderful memory enabled him to make good progress in them; he frequently played truant and was whipped for it, robbed orchards, and indulged in other questionable schoolboy freaks; nor did he always come out of his scrapes with honour and a character for truthfulness.

Among the longhorn beetles, the prothorax scrapes over a median file on the mid-dorsal aspect of the mesothorax.

She didn't even feel the bruises and scrapes covering her body, but she felt Darian's scorching fingers.

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He listened for the siren but heard only his Jeep, and twice, the scrapes of his underside as he bottomed out on protruding stone.

The explosions were coming faster, and he launched to his feet, ignoring the bruises and scrapes along his side.