Sentence Examples with the word Scooped

He scooped her into his arms and started for the deeper water.

One placed a sleep patch on her ear to prevent her from waking and scooped her up while the other grabbed the last suitcase out of her bedroom.

Peering over the side you could just see them (as before you heard them) wallowing in the sullen, black waters, and turning over on their backs as they scooped out huge globular pieces of the whale of the bigness of a human head.

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She removed the lid from a plastic trash can and scooped out some food for him.

In 1901 there were about 5000 negroes employed in the Bahia mines; methods were still primitive; the cascalho was dug out from the river beds or tunnelled out from the valley side, and washed once a week in sluices of running water, where it was turned over with the hoe, and finally washed in wooden basins and picked over by hand; sometimes also the diamantiferous material is scooped out of the bed of the shallow rivers by divers, and by men working under water in caissons.

She scooped up some oats and fed each of the horses.

Claire scooped up the five dollar gold pieces and dropped them in her bag.

The bullet had caught him full in the chest, driving him backward into the scooped out grotto where his uncle had lain for more than half a century.

Its wool was as soft as freshly washed hair and it bleated when she scooped it into her arms.

A few feet further, in a dry grotto scooped out from the main walkway, something glinted in Dean's flashlight.