Sentence Examples with the word Scoffed

The legend alleges that he had been so condemned for having scoffed at Jesus.

His scientific life was now over, his political life was to begin; in the notoriety of that political life his great scientific and philosophical knowledge was to be forgotten, the high position he had given up denied, and he himself scoffed at as an ignorantcharlatan, who had sold quack medicines about the streets of Paris, and been glad to earn a few sous in the stables of the comte d'Artois.

But he recovered, scoffed at himself as usual, and prepared more eagerly than ever for the first performance of Irene, on the 16th of March.

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There was a time when A'Ran would've scoffed at Jetr's mention of a favor.

Reckless of consequences, he swept away the venerated ceremonial formalities which his ancestors had scrupulously observed, openly scoffed at ancient usage, habitually dressed in foreign costume, and generally chose foreign heretics as his boon companions.