Sentence Examples with the word Schedule

The flight was on schedule and thankfully there was little time for forced conversation.

Our work schedule encompassed five intense days, Monday through Friday.

Pick up a copy of your schedule as you head out.

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Betsy's California schedule coupled with the time difference precluded us from conducting any midweek session.

The most important innovation, however, was the transfer of the responsibility for filling up the schedule from the overseers to the householders, thereby rendering possible a synchronous record.

A state railway commission, whose members are elected by the people, has power to enforce its schedule of freight rates except when such rates would not pay the operating expenses of the railway.

People who take time out of their schedule to do something that helps just one person.

This act empowered the crown, by order in council, to put its provisions in force, when any foreign state, whose ships or subjects were engaged in the seal fishery in the area mentioned in the schedule thereto, had made, or was about to make, similar provisions with respect to its ships and subjects.

In 1680 the works in Barcelona, Valdemaqueda and Villafranca are named in a royal schedule giving the prices at which glass was to be sold in Madrid.

A covey of Fred's female acquaintances weekended to Vegas, dampening his social schedule so he spent his Saturday and Sunday downtime plotting election strategy.