Sentence Examples with the word Scarborough

Corum, a double star, of magnitudes 3 and 6; this star was named Cor Caroli, or The Heart of Charles II., by Edmund Halley, on the suggestion of Sir Charles Scarborough (1616-1694), the court physician; a cluster of stars of the firth magnitude and fainter, extremely rich in variables, of the goo stars examined no less than 132 being regularly variable.

In Winchester, London, St Albans, Canterbury, Bury, Beverley, Scarborough and many other places the rioting was as violent as in the countryside.

By 1907 altogether 59 local authorities had examined the proposition of establishing telephone systems after 1899, and licences were granted to local authorities at Brighton, Belfast, Chard, Glasgow, Grantham, Huddersfield, Hull, Portsmouth, Swansea, Tunbridge Wells, Oldham, Scarborough and Hartle - pool, but only six municipalities proceeded with the business.

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It was Vice-Admiral Batten's squadron which bombarded Scarborough when Henrietta Maria landed there.

Whitby is a quiet resort, possessing none of the brilliance of Scarborough on the same coast.

FREDERICK LEIGHTON LEIGHTON, Baron (1830-1896), English painter and sculptor, the son of a physician, was born at Scarborough on the 3rd of December 1830.

It would be here out of place to follow with any minuteness the details of his subsequent imprisonments, such as that at Carlisle in 1653; London 1654; Launceston 1656; Lancaster 1660, and again in 1663, whence he was taken to Scarborough in 1665; and Worcester 1673.

But an impatient outburst of the insurgents and a foolish attempt to seize hull and Scarborough gave Henry an excuse for repudiating the concessions made in his name.

To the Ouse and so to the Humber, having one of its sources near Scarborough within 2 m.