Sentence Examples with the word Scampered

Donnie turned and ran up to her, gave her a hug and then scampered from the parlor as she entered.

He dived off the ledge, and she scampered forward.

It scampered to the edge of the limb and looked down at her, its bushy tail jerking up and down as it scolded her.

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He scampered across the lab to a fridge that held cold tools and bottles of mysterious serums, everything except what a normal person put in a fridge.

The mouth of the hole was nearly filled up now, but the kitten gave a leap through the remaining opening and at once scampered up into the air.

Katie motioned to the healer, who scampered from his corner to the bed.

They knew the kitten, by this time, so they scampered over to where she lay beside Jim and commenced to frisk and play with her.

We scampered over the rocks, inhaling the brisk sea air and later, we drove to Swampscott, to the north, and ate a pleasant sea food lunch.

Believing their danger past, they sprang from their ambush and, chirruping something in their shrill little voices and holding up their skirts, their bare little sunburned feet scampered merrily and quickly across the meadow grass.

The branches of the trees slithered overhead while brush and bramble scampered out of his way.