Sentence Examples with the word Saturday

A covey of Fred's female acquaintances weekended to Vegas, dampening his social schedule so he spent his Saturday and Sunday downtime plotting election strategy.

I rested Saturday afternoon, for I was very tired, and Sunday I visited with my schoolmates, and now that I feel quite rested, I am going to write to you; for I know you will want to hear that we reached New York safely.

There was this bar called Horton's on the Hill where we'd go on Saturday night.

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In the same year as the charter to Knutsford the king granted to William de Tabley a market every Saturday at Nether Knutsford, and a three days' fair at the Feast of St Peter and St Paul.

I don't know if he's going to try Saturday or if he's just flexing his muscles.

A festival called the Rushbearing takes place on the Saturday within the octave of St Oswald's day (August 5th), when a holiday is observed and the church decorated with rushes, heather and flowers.

In Richmond, Virginia, one Saturday morning, an old man went into the market to buy something.

Oh, and the tropical storm will become a hurricane late Saturday night.

In the Ambrosian rite the rogations take place after Ascensiontide, and in the Spanish on the Thursday to Saturday after Whitsuntide, and in November (Synod of Girona, 517).

The darkening sky matched the mood of Bird Song's guests and inhabitants as they woke to a busy Saturday morning, the main day of the ice festival.