Sentence Examples with the word Sat

Over in person by the sovereign, could not but recall the Aula Regia, where the Norman kings sat amid their counsellors before equity had arisen to correct law, and before the separation between the three great common law courts had begun.

The king sat down by the fire, and the woman hurried to get things ready for supper.

She sat on the table in the exam room facing a line of backlit x-rays and cat scans on the wall.

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A plate of half-finished food sat on the coffee table, and the kitchen was a disaster.

Alex retrieved her from Felipa and shifted her so that she sat on his arm, one of her arms around his neck.

Princess Mary listened without understanding him; she led him to the house, offered him lunch, and sat down with him.

He held her chair as she took a seat and then sat quietly as Mrs. Marsh said grace.

Meanwhile, Jackson sat in the drawing room having another blood cocktail waiting for the onslaught that never came.

His eyes were rather moist and glittered more than usual, and as he sat in his saddle, wrapped up in his fur coat, he looked like a child taken out for an outing.

He set his lifemate on the bed and sat on the edge of the bed.