Sentence Examples with the word Sasha

I don.t know how far the Dark One will go to get Sasha or his vial of blood back, but I imagine our time is short.

Like Erik said, she's some mutant Sasha made to infiltrate your operations.

Boss, I was gonna ask if you needed an XO while Sasha is out, Toni ventured.

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Eh, Sasha killed a couple of demons he really shouldn.t have.

He threw on a jacket and left, aware Sasha couldn.t leave the castle grounds without forfeiting his life and wouldn.t dare disrupt the Immortals for fear of Kris.s wrath.

He didn.t want to agree to Rhyn.s terms, but the side of him willing to take in a creature like Sasha emerged again.

I think we are worse to each other than the Dark One is to his enemies, Kris said, white rage buried deep within him to keep Sasha from seeing it.

He couldn't protect anyone from Sasha in Hell, and he itched to taste the woman meant to be his mate.

I don.t need any of you, especially the headache Sasha is.

Andre.s death and Rhyn.s reappearance changed everything, and Kris found himself considering alternatives he.d never have thought twice about before, like ordering Rhyn and Sasha killed despite his oath to protect his brothers and making an oath to Katie he had no intentions of keeping.