Sentence Examples with the word Sar

Maria Louisa was easily gainec over by playing on her devotion to the house of Parma, and or the 1st of October 1800 a secret treaty was concluded at Sar Ildefonso.

It is first quoted under the title of the Targum of Onkelos by Gaon Sar Shalom (d.

Where the small town of Meshed i Sar serves as a port.

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Astara 137,935 tons; Enzeli 292,132 tons; Meshed i Sar 90,799 tons; Bander-i-Gez 56,135 tons.

Commerce.The principal centres of commerce are Tabriz, Teheran, Resht, Meshed and Yezd; the principal, ports Bander Abbasi, Lingah, Bushire and Muhamrah on the Persian Gulf, and Astara, Enzeli, Meshed i Sar and Bander i Gez on the Caspian.

The part of the Elburz immediately north of Teheran is known as the Kuh i Shimran (mountain of Shimran, from the name of the Shimran district on its southern slopes) and culminates in the Sar i Tochal (12,600 ft.).

The ner of 600 and the sar of 3600 were formed from the soss or unit of 60, which corresponded with a degree of the equator.

Reading the cuneiform as Tarqu-dimme sar mat Erme (i.e.