Sentence Examples with the word Sanson

After the execution of Louis XVI., a statement by Sanson was inserted in the Thermometre politique (13th February 1793) in contradiction of the false statements made in respect of the king's behaviour when confronted with death.

The Christian governments either uttered useless and impotent complaints at Constantinople, or endeavoured to negotiate directly with Algiers, as in the case of the negotiations of Sanson Napollon during the ministry of Richelieu.

In the last days of 1789 Gorsas in the Courrier de Paris accused Sanson of harbouring a Royalist press in his house.

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Riester and Sanson in an appendix to the sixth volume of the French translation of Meckel's Anatomy, 1829); 2.

Sanson have their origin in the apocryphal Memoires pour servir a l'histoire de la Revolution Francaise par Sanson (2 vols., 1829; another ed., 1831), of which a few pages of introduction emanate from Balzac, and some other matter from Lheritier de l'Ain.