Sentence Examples with the word San Nicolas

Another institution is the college of San Nicolas de Hidalgo, which was.

The effort to admit the cooling sea breezes by cutting through the mountains a passage called the Abra de San Nicolas had some beneficial effect.

Other river ports, of less importance, are Concordia on the Uruguay river, San Nicolas and Campana on the Parana river, Santa Fe on the Salado, a few miles from the Parana, the city of Parana on the Parana river, and Gualeguay on the Gualeguay river.

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The beautiful cloisters on the south side of the cathedral, and the chapter-house beyond them, as well as the old churches of San Saturnino (Gothic) and San Nicolas (Romanesque), are also of interest to the student of architecture.

AVILES, or SAN NIcoLAs DE AvILEs (the Roman Flavionavia), a seaport of northern Spain, in the province of Oviedo; on the Bay of Aviles, a winding inlet of the Bay of Biscay, 24 m.

Pop. (1903) 34,454; in 1903, after the census had been taken, the municipality of San Nicolas (pop. 1903, 10,880) was added to Laoag.