Sentence Examples with the word Samaria

The first missionary enterprise Ads of the nascent Church brought it into contact with a magician who had for a long time amazed the people of Samaria with his sorceries (v.

Shalmaneser accordingly invaded Syria, and in 724 began a three-years' siege of Samaria (2 Kings xvii.

The territory of Damascus was devastated, and Jehu of Samaria (whose ambassadors are represented on the Black Obelisk now in the British Museum) sent tribute along with the Phoenician cities.

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It is a gratuitous assumption that the history of (north) Israel ceased with the fall of Samaria or that Judah then took over Israelite literature and inherited the old Israelite spirit: the question of the preservation of earlier writings is of historical importance.

The cult of the Baal of Tyre followed Jezebel to the royal city Samaria and even found its way into Jerusalem.

The hill of Samaria is separated from the surrounding mountains (Amos iii.

The coast towns and the Decapolis, together with Samaria and Scythopolis, were incorporated in the new Roman province of Syria.

By Samaria and the Carmel range, E.

Xxxiii.), also of the settling of foreign colonists in Samaria by Esar-haddon (Ezra iv.

He was glorified by many as God, and he taught that it was he who appeared among the Jews as the Son, in Samaria as the Father and among other nations as the Holy Spirit.