Sentence Examples with the word Sam

They enjoyed lunch with Sam doing most of the talking.

At that point Sam got an amused look in her eyes and looked away.

I had a couple of Sam Adams and a roast beef sandwich and arrived at the 30th Street station in Philadelphia just before four o'clock.

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But I got a dreaming and sprawling about one night, and somehow, Sam got pitched on the floor, and came near breaking his arm.

He and Sam were standing there when Alex blew up at me.

She told Sam what happened, including the part where she disobeyed Alex and rode up into the hills alone.

In the English dialects of Kent, Essex and Norfolk there is a common change of v to w, but Ellis says (English Pronunciation, V, pp. 132, 229) that though he has made diligent search he has never been able to hear the v for w which is so characteristic of Sam and Tony Weller in the Pickwick Papers.

Examples are: Rao (We) dekchai (boy) sam (three) kon (persons) cha (will) pai (go) chap (catch) pla (fish) samrap (for) hai (give) paw (father) kin (eat).

About time she was thinking Sam might be the one she wanted to hire, Sam threw a kink into the process.

Even drunk, Sam was sure footed on the dance floor.